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Thursday, March 30, 2023

No Escape for Kenyans as KRA Announces Major Changes

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has announced major changes in it’s operations in efforts to stop tax cheats. KRA is expected to monitor MPESA transaction especially of those with Pay Bill and Till numbers. The president has set an ambitious tax target which requires KRA to up their game as well introduce fresh taxes.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/ntvkenya/status/1619227227610021889?t=GFafk2bvptFrwXHc6gvujQ&s=19

Kenya Revenue Authority is seeking to ensure that going into the future, they will monitor MPESA transactions which includes Till and Pay Bill transactions. According to KRA, this is where most tax cheats are heavily based.

Kenya Revenue Authority is under pressure from president William Ruto to increase tax collections by sealing loopholes and leakages. The president has set a ruthless tax target which will force Kenyans to tighten their belts.

The president has made it known that he was wants an effective way of ensuring that all Kenyans pay taxes. It’s obvious that a section of Kenyans especially top leaders have always avoided paying taxes badly exposing the poor.

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