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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Badly Exposes 4 Members of Muchelule’s Tribunal, Links Them to UDA

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir who is representing IEBC Commissioner Irene Masit has castigated 5 members of Muchelule’s Tribunal. According to the lawyer, Caroline Kamende was one of the lawyers who represented President William Ruto in the supreme Court hence she is conflicted. The lawyer has also named three other members in the tribunal who are associated with UDA party.

Here is a link, watch from 4 minutes: https://youtu.be/2WqcP5-v9YE

The lawyer is convinced that the 5 members of the Muchelule’s led tribunal will obviously not give a fair verdict. The lawyer wants the 5 members of the Muchelule tribunal to examine their conscience and know of whether they are fit to sit in the panel.

The lawyer has made it known that going forward, the members of the IEBC Tribunal might not give justice to her clients. The lawyer has warned the activities of the IEBC Tribunal are in bad taste because of the conflicts of interests which is at play.

Muchelule has however made it clear that the members of tribunal are known to him and the UDA team as alleged. It’s the hope of lawyer Donald Kipkorir that the tribunal will not take a political angle in their verdict.

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