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Business Comes to a Standstill in Bomet Town as Officers and “Hustlers” Clash Badly

Bomet hustlers are in pain and in distress after police officers together with county enforcement officers raided their stalls thrashing all their stocks and day’s hustle.

The officers stormed the market this evening demanding for taxes and prove of compliance, those who did not have the requirements after seeing the fury stormed out of the market , they were met with strokes by Irate officers causing commotion.

Seeing what was befalling their friends, the rest joined in running, this caused running battles between the officers and the traders.

Many items of unknown value were destroyed and even money lost.They are wholly blaming the county government for not seeing importance of their work. They claim the county government has been looking down upon them since taking over power.

“My Shs 500 was grabbed by a police officer while I was giving balance to my customer, this government is looking down on us , we are always running counting losses , I don’t know how to recover the destroyed stock I bought from a loan,” mama mboga said.

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