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The Touching Story Of Anthony Omari, Kenyan Man Who Took A Machete To The Face To Save 37 Orphans

Anthony Omari used to take care of orphans at the Faraja Children’s home in Kibera. The home by then housed over 37 orphans. On that fateful night, thieves managed to access the room where Antony was sleeping and took away his belongings. They then proceeded to where the children were sleeping, however, Mr. Omari opted to protect the children by hitting one of the attackers with a hammer. The thugs replayed by slicing open his face with a machete.

For his part, Mr. Johnson told The Associated Press that the event occurred in response to his blocking previous attempts by the crooks to enter his property. A machete was thrown at him on January 23, but he ducked and the weapon hit the wall, leading him to flee the orphanage.

Omari informed the reporters that the thieves had broken into the orphanage on three different occasions but he managed to fight them off. However, on the night of January 23, 2012, he was not lucky enough. The thugs managed to hit using a sword in the face. He ended up with an 11-stitch scar that extended from his forehead to the upper lip of his right cheekbone. Fortunately, he was able to secure the door and keep them out. Omari was left with a scar on his face that will be with him forever.


He took a machete to the face to save 37 orphans yet you may not have even heard his name

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