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WATCH: Toddler helps herself to stranger’s cash in busy restaurant

The beautiful thing about younger children is that their innocence knows no bounds.

They haven’t been conditioned by societal norms when it comes to what is frowned upon.

For this young lady, a visit with her parents to a restaurant was an opportunity to explore her surroundings. Like all toddlers her age, it’s a time to discover new things.

And while “unruly” kids at restaurants have been dominating many debates on social media, this one may have caused quite the stir online, so much so that TikToker Diana Scalici, who posted the original video, turned off comments.

In the post, a little girl can be seen digging into a diner’s open purse hanging from the back of her chair.

She proceeds to take out what appears to be a credit card and then starts waving around cash that she also found in the bag.

The stranger who has no idea what is happening behind her, continues having a conversation with the person seated next to her.

Eventually, the woman turns around and grabs the cash from the toddler’s hand.

It’s not known if it’s the parents recording the entire incident, but the cold hard stare they get in return is priceless.

@dianascalici8 #ohno #toddlersoftiktok #toddlerproblems ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The entire exchange brings into question the role of parents in disciplining their children in public.

Just recently, a restaurant in the US added a R950 surcharge to customer’s bill for being “unable to parent badly-behaved” children.

In this case, the onus should have been on the parents to keep tabs on their toddler, including keeping them from disturbing other customers.

Yes, it may appear cute and innocent, but at the end of the day, nobody wants be involved in an awkward encounter with a kid and their parents.

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