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Time to shake it off, Mzansi Swifties. Taylor Swift isn't coming to SA

Mzansi Taylor Swift fans have been left very disappointed after finding out that the multi-award-winning singer will not be coming to South Africa.

Despite an email from Discovery having all the clue words that could hint at the ‘Shake it Off’ singer performing in South Africa, that was not the case.

“We’re entering a new era in 2024…Are you ready for it?” began the email.

“Moving swiftly towards – 2024 we’re shaking off the year that was and heading into a whole new era of health, happiness and evolved benefits,” continued the email.

Now if you are a Switfie, then it’s no surprise that the words ‘era,’ ‘shaking’ and ‘swiftly’ would have raised alarm bells. But sadly, the mega-star is not coming to South Africa.

@carlycane SWIFTIES OF SOUTH AFRICA. SOMETHING IS GOING ON. #swifties #southafricanswiftie #taylorswift @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation ♬ shake it off sped up – sped-up songs

On Thursday, Big Concerts announced the news after teasing for weeks that Maroon 5 will be performing in the country, disappointing many who had an ounce of hope that Taylor Swift would be performing in the country.

“South Africa’s ultimate international music festival is here. #CalabashSouthAfrica is set to become the biggest stage to see the world’s top artists in South Africa🔥🎤🎶

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“This flagship festival will be headlined by chart-topping Grammy Award-winning pop-rock royalty, #Maroon 5 and feature performances by British band #Keane, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their acclaimed debut album, the most significant global streaming Italian artist in the history of music, #Meduza, and the chart-topping pop sensation #AvaMax – for the first time in South Africa.”

Line Ferreira on TikTok called the disappointment, the biggest L especially since everyone had thought it would be Swift’s concert that would be announced.

@yourgirl_line #greenscreenvideo its a joke by now. Like honestly @Big Concerts just give us a statement saying she’s not coming than giving us a slither of hope. #taylorswiftsouthafrica #tstheerastour #theerastoursouthafrica ♬ original sound – Liné Ferreira

Ferreira wasn’t the only Swifitie that was left disappointed over the move by promoters, with many in the comment section asking; “but why use Taylor swift lyrics in the email?”

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