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Move over Google: Gen Z turns to TikTok for searches

TikTok has emerged as the go-to search engine for more than half of Gen Z. A survey by Her Campus Media, reported by Search Engine Land, showed that 51% of Gen Z would rather use TikTok as their preferred search engine.

This, according to the head of content operations for Sub-Saharan Africa, Bianca Sibiya, means that the leading short-form video platform is at the forefront of the transformation, rewriting the rules of how we discover information and blurring the lines between entertainment and education.

“In this digital age, TikTok isn’t just an app; it’s an ethos of discovery, a testament to the power of melding education with engagement. The story of TikTok as a search engine is the story of a generation harnessing the dynamism of the digital age to learn, share, and be entertained all at once,” Sibiya said.

She said the #TikTokThatHau campaign, which has taken the country by storm since its launch in June, is driving the educational momentum.

Sibiya explained that the campaign has amassed over 230 million views on TikTok.

“South African content creators are harnessing the campaign to share valuable life hacks that enhance daily routines, from tackling new recipes, bad hair days, and parenting advice to budgeting challenges,” she added.

Highlighting other trends, Sibiya noted Tasneem Wags who boasts content with two million views on her recipes as well as a popular DIY content creator, Mashie, who shares simple and easy tips on how to remove oil from the kitchen sink.

Sibiya said what truly sets TikTok apart is its unique ability to seamlessly blend education with entertainment. For South Africans, it’s no longer solely about finding answers; it’s about the experience of discovery itself. These bite-sized videos serve as pathways to learning, where entertainment fuels enlightenment.

In this dynamic space, the traditional search bar takes a back seat, making way for hashtags and challenges that herald the latest trends and life hacks.


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