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LOOK: Singapore restaurant job ad goes viral for offering ‘better perks than corporate’

Job hunting isn’t easy.

While finding a job in itself is hard, finding the perfect job with all the bells and whistles is nearly impossible.

So when this job ad popped up on social media, it was no surprise that many people were keen to apply.

The ad was from Singapore for service and kitchen crew.

Twitter user @GabbarSingh posted an image of the poster showing salary and benefits with the caption: “A recruitment poster outside a restaurant here in Singapore. Look at the perks.”

While the salary was pretty decent, it’s the benefits that really had people excited.

These perks included twice-yearly bonuses, yearly sponsored dental benefits, meal provisions, monthly review incentive bonuses, sponsorship for employees’ study courses and so much more.

The image was posted on August 25 and has since received more than 75,000 views. The share has also garnered over 300 likes and several comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this post.

One person responded: “Better than a corporate job lol.”

While another Twitter user commented: “This is what a good company is, actually caring about their employees.”

“We see them as perks because we don’t find them being offered here. They see them as their minimum responsibility towards their employees,” expressed another person.

Another commented: “Here in Singapore, almost every restaurant is always hiring and has similar perks and benefits.”

“Far better than many established businesses in any developing economy,” said another.

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