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Nigel Pierce returns to the spotlight after four years, leaving followers gobsmacked

Social media followers were caught off guard this week when former GoodHope FM radio host Nigel Pierce appeared on timelines.

The motor-mouth media personality who was much loved for his bold opinions, personality and radio skills said he is back with a fresh stance on life with new perspective after a four sabbatical.

His first public appearance comes in the form of the launch of his first Kinky Saints event, under his management company of the same name.

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For Pierce, getting back into the hustle and bustle of the events industry after a messy exit from the industry, won’t go by without followers raising an eye-brow.

Social media was abuzz with curious yet excited fans welcoming the media personality “back”.

Independent Media Entertainment had a chat with Pierce about his return.

In 2019, Pierce was sacked from his afternoon drive show after the SABC accused him of “breaching his contract and bringing the SABC into disrepute on social media platforms”.

Pierce’s contract was supposed to end on March 31, 2019, with his last day on air being March 23.

However, after informing listeners of his removal before this dates, his contract was not renewed.

In a previous interview, he said he was given his marching orders in front of staff and also claimed his dismissal was “personal” and suggested that his fellow DJs “had a hand in it”.

Setting the record straight: Nigel Pierce. Picture

Pierce said he is back with a new mindset and wants to put the past behind him.

He said: “Philosophically, the break has been the best ever, I intentionally took a sabbatical for a few years.

“The last few years turned into a blessing in disguise and a gift. It gave me an incredible opportunity to focus on areas of improvement in my life. This is the best shape I’ve ever been in: mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

“It’ll never be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist but personal development and growth are epicentre to my entire day.”

Pierce says he has learnt to deal with new methods to cope with his health and wellness, among them, its the decision of keeping his personal and professional life; private.

He said: “I try to find inner peace through meditation and visualisation and focus on limiting distractions and noise throughout the day.

“I travelled and read during this time. I’m very grateful and lucky!

“I did not have intentions of returning but a few opportunities emerged which I could not ignore.

“The sabbatical gave me the incredible opportunity to reboot, regroup, reset, restart, re-programme and rewire my brain.”

His exit from the station, saw Pierce take to social media to share his thoughts and opinions which wasn’t well received from industry mates. Pierce says he opts to put it all behind him and focus on a new version of himself.

He said :“I started a week long process of unpacking my life, the good, the bad and the ugly.

“I literally wrote down everything, truncated the information and started looking for areas of improvement.

“I meditate every day; I find quiet time, zero distractions, zero noise, even when I’m running I demand quiet time from myself. I’m in control of my behaviour, emotions, thoughts and words

“It’s not that large a shift, I refused to be defined by my on air personality or roles, that was about 5 % of who I was.

“The ability to change things up and be a better version of myself.”

Pierce revealed his new venture and appeals to Mzansi to support his plans.

He recently announced Kinky Saints, which will feature various Cape Town DJs.

“My focus is on Kinky Saints, my personal development took up a lot of time and now the professional development begins.”

“Life is all about lessons. I don’t worship the past. I respect it.

“For those that know me well when I’m fully focussed, I’m like Novak Djokovic. The intensity increases.

“I make a point of releasing toxic emotions, energy, thoughts, behaviour and more importantly releasing the toxic past.

“This is the beauty of my freedom and the control I have over my time and what I want to do.”

Pierce plans to raise the bar in every department of his life.

“I now have the ability and control to say no to jobs, or the universe does that for me and no to other things which will add no value to my life and my growth trajectory

“One of the many reasons I went quiet and off social media; the short version: I keep 99% of my personal and professional life private.”

Kinky Saints will be held at The Address in Cape Town on August 26. Entry is R100 at the door. The event features Dr Jules, Luwayne Wonder, DJ Willy and Gary Poole.

Pierce concluded: “Patrons can expect global anthems played by the very best DJ’s in the city. An improved consumer experience. We intend expanding the brand and offering further down the line.”

Fans can tune into P-Fore (https://p-foreonline.co.za/) online on August 24 at 4pm to 5pm and then August 25 at 10am to 1pm with Nigel Pierce.


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