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WATCH: ‘How rich people do gender reveals’ – mom-to-be receives pink Birkin at gender reveal

From surprise cakes to colour powder streamers, people have become very creative when it comes to baby gender reveals.

But this wealthy couple has taken it to a whole other level and leaving TikTokers both shocked and envious.

A video posted by luxury shopping account Luxe Du Jour (@shopluxedujour) has gone viral with over 4 million views.

The video caption: “The only way bag addicts want to do gender reveals 2 babies!!! #whocanrelate #birkinmom,” shows a stylish couple sharing the gender of their baby in a very unusual way.

With the overlay caption: “How rich people do gender reveals,” we can hear people in attendance doing a “three, two, one” countdown while the mom-to-be and her partner hold up a classic orange Hermès box.

She then opens the signature orange box to reveal a medium sized cerise pink Birkin bag.

A Birkin that size would typically retail for over R400,000.

Wearing a gold silk dress and black heels, the fashionable woman is clearly excited and shocked as she takes out the pink bag and cradles it in her arms as one would cradle a baby.

@shopluxedujour The only way bag addicts want to do gender reveals 😝😝 2 babies!!! #whocanrelate #birkinmom ♬ original sound – 𝙙𝙚𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙚 – dw

One viewer questioned why she was so happy saying: “Was she happy cuz she having a girl or cuz she got this gorgeous bag?”

Sounds more like jealousy to me.

Another woman commented, “The only way bag addicts want to do gender reveals.”

“Why a balloon with confetti, when you can get a brand new kelly or birkin?! I don’t expect less when I have kids,” said another.


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