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Need extra cash? Mzansi tweeps are bragging about their payouts from Twitter X

About a month ago, Elon Musk rolled out a massive incentive to super users and creatives using micro-blogging platform Twitter, now X.

Musk’s announcement came just days after Mark Zuckerberg introduced the online world to Threads.

Not one to be outdone by his rival, the planned revenue sharing programme for creators on the platform with large audiences, has now paid out handsomely.

According to Forbes, one content creator claims to have netted $100,000 (about R1.8 million) thus far.

And that’s not all. Mzansi creatives have been let in on the action.

When local influencer Keabetswe shared that she had gotten her payout, other tweeps were eager to know how she managed to get paid just for tweeting.

“When tweeting is finally paying off, DIRECTLY by Twitter, now known as X,” she tweeted alongside a screenshot of R2,700 being processed.

Another blogger on the platform complained about the high impression rate of 15 million that Musk set, to which another responded, “It’s easy.”

@dineonestaSA then jokingly added, “with porn content.”

Many jumped into Keabetswe’s comments to share their advice on how to reach the target.

For those who are seriously interested in making some cash from X, Forbes noted the following:

  • Creators are paid for the ads that appear in their reply threads.
  • Users must be subscribed to Twitter Blue and own a Stripe account for payment.
  • Users must have more than five million tweet impressions each month for the past three months to qualify for ad revenue sharing.

If it sounds like a dredge, @Drue_sa suggested, “It’s actually doable if you tweet consistently on trending topics. Likes don’t matter, just people seeing your tweets.”

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What are you waiting for? Start tweeting and get that coin.



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