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R273K restaurant bill for one person leaves tweeps shocked: ‘That is washing money’

A R273,412 bill for one person? How does that make any sense?

In fact, nothing about the ridiculously high bill that has popped up on Twitter makes sense.

When Khaya Sithole @CoruscaKhaya posted the bill, tweeps were left shocked and confused by so many aspects of the bill.

The items on the bill include a bottle of Armand Ace of Spade Gold champagne for R105K, a bottle of Hennesy Paradis for R32K and three bottles of Dom Perignon which set the person back R24K.

While these are merely a few items on the hefty bill that consists mainly of booze, there are other parts of the bill that are even more mind-blowing.

First up is the fact that the bill indicates that it covers only one person.

The other is that the person was served between midnight and 5am on a Monday morning.

Msanzi had so many questions and went on scrutinising the bill.

There was one item on the bill that caught many people’s attention. Simply listed as “blow job” it certainly raised some eyebrows.

One person even highlighted it and commented: “Easy come, easy go. I’ve never paid for one but this sounds like a great deal for 4? No?”

For those who don’t know, it’s obviously not what you think. Blow jobs are shooters.

Commenting on the price of the Hennesy another commented: “How do people spend so much money on alcohol amazes me. 1x Hennessy Paradis 750ml cost R32,000?? I expect to see Jesus Uber me home when I finish this bottle.”

A lot of people are convinced that it’s money laundering.

“That is washing money. It also says “Covers 1” Error. No way that one patron could have consumed all that. Lisa is protecting some people, or doesn’t know what she is doing,” commented one person.

While another simply responded: “They were cleaning money here.”

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