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WATCH: 5-year-old girl helps calm her mom during panic attack

A panic attack can hit you at any time and it leaves you feeling out of control and can be physically debilitating.

While someone who suffers from panic attacks never knows when one will come on, they understand the symptoms and how to deal with a situation when it occurs.

It’s even better when you have someone with you to help you through the unpleasant experience.

A TikTok video captioned: “She definitely is my saving grace. You matter,” has been viewed over 19 million times and received over four million likes, showing a heart-warming moment between a mother and daughter.

Sitting in their car, mom Kimberlee Bushman is seen visibly upset trying to pull herself together while her kids sit and watch.

However, her five-year-old daughter is not only watching but actively trying to help her mom, who according to the overlay text is having a panic attack.

“This is my five-year-old calming me during a panic attack using the technique I use on her to calm her down,” the mom captioned the sweet video.

We see the little one holding up her hand as she lowers one finger at a time and her mom blows on them.

The mom explained in the caption that “You hold out your hand and tell them to ‘blow out the candles’ one at a time”.

The concerned little girl asks her mom if she’s okay and whether she wants her to give her a hug as her mom wipes away her tears.

@kimberleebushman She definitely is my saving grace. You matter. #momsoftiktok #calmingtechniques #fyp #panicattack ♬ Pray – Sam Smith

The clip ends with her daughter tenderly embracing her.

TikTok users have been left emotional by her little one’s actions and the mom’s parenting skills.

“Respect … Not only are you teaching her presence, kindness & patience but also that everyone is an imperfect perfect human being! Go mama,” one woman.

“By exposing her to a hard thing she has become and will only continue to grow into such an empathetic soul,” commented another viewer.

Another person wrote: “Omg this made me tear up. I love normalizing teaching kids to be helpful to their parents – so sweet!”


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