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Pietermaritzburg eatery’s mogodu pizza goes viral, leaving tweeps divided

So, there is a picture of a pizza and wine special that has gone viral on social media.

This is because it is not just any type of pizza but mogodu (tripe) pizza.

When I saw the picture I was immediately reminded of the tripe wrap – another fascinating dish I came across on social media six years ago.

When I first saw it, I was like: “ugh, this one is a no, I would never eat it”. Let me just say I enjoy my tripe served on a plate with umngqusho (samp and beans). The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts my eyes and makes me want to dig in.

Let’s be honest. Tripe is an acquired taste. It’s different from other meats, and even though it can be very delicious (especially when clean and cooked well) it can be, well, weird too. I understand that chefs need to be open-minded and introduce new dishes to people but are such dishes worth trying? I guess one will never know without trying it out.

So, the mogodu pizza in question is from Ora Restobar, a popular outlet in the city of Pietermaritzburg.

When the venue advised the special, the post quickly went viral across social media platforms with people questioning whether the dish was delicious, and some asking why it was even in existence.

One user wrote: “Mogodu pizza? The ANC has damaged this country. I hope you people get convicted.”

A second user wrote: “Pineapple on pizza is one thing but mogodu?”

A third commented: “PMB doesn’t shock me anymore cause I’ve seen enough living here but this? Mogodu pizza? Ora will pay for its crimes.”

As much as many were disgusted by the creation, others were very excited and wanted to try it out.

One user wrote: “They’re onto something here. Hear them out.”

Another commented: “It seems intriguing from a curious standpoint.”

Also going viral in the world of pizza is the new limited-edition pizza from Pizza Hut US with pickles as a topping. The pickle pizza has also left tweeps with mixed feelings.

“Messed around and found out, where my pickle pizza ppl at? Catch it for a limited time,” wrote the restaurant in a tweet.

As per reports, the pizza is made with a hand-tossed crust, buttermilk ranch sauce, chicken breast, white onions, and dill pickles with a drizzle of ranch sauce.

With all that said, we can only sit and wonder what’s next.

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