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WATCH: There’s a new bizzare snack out! McFlurry hash brown ‘sandwich’, anyone?

Sometimes we all come up with strange food combinations. Bizarre as they may sound, there is always this odd charm in trying such far-fetched concoctions. Bringing together unusual tastes in search of that harmonious bite – is where the fun lies.

Currently, there is a quirky mash-up crossing boundaries and capturing hearts – and taste buds; McDonald’s hash browns and McFlurry ice cream.

The recipe is simple. You order two hash brown patties. You order one McFlurry – any flavour. You scoop the ice cream out of the container, place it on the hash browns and you have your “sandwich” snack.

Australian mom Kelly Arvan is credited with starting the trend, showing how she made the sandwich on her social media account. Since then, it has taken off.

Sitting in her car, Arvan spread a generous amount of McFlurry on a hash brown before putting the second on top to create a sandwich.

“You’re worth waiting for,” she said.

“I guess that’s what fast food giants do, they have these irresistible items that we crave to put together. This is an ice cream sandwich – hash brown style and it’s so much better.

“Salty, crunchy potato and sweet.”

@arvanfamily Snack Series ✨ Comment what i should try #fyp #arvanfamily #mcdonalds #snack #snackhack #cravings #weirdcravings #hashbrownsandwich #icecreamsandwich #mukbang #eatingshow #foodtok ♬ original sound – Arvan Family

Radio host and “Australian Idol” judge Kyle Sandilands also took up the challenge by recreating the unusual food pairings.

“I do love the hash brown and I love McFlurry so how bad can it be?” said Sandilands.

Taking a bite, he was impressed: “I get it … that’s good.”

Sandilands’ verdict comes after Arvan’s video was watched more than 5 million times – with many adventurous foodies saying they are curious to try out the combination.

@bayls77 Hash browns and an Oreo McFlurry from #mcdonalds 10/10 ypu MUST TRY this!!😋🥰 #mcdonaldshacks #hashbrowns #mcflurrry #foodies #strangecravings ♬ original sound – bayls

“I’m confused but intrigued,” one said.

Another wrote: “I now need this.”

One suggested while laughing: “Just an Oreo McFlurry with hash browns?’ like it’s a common craving – you’re the best human.”

Many believed the unusual flavours work well together because they have always enjoyed dipping fries into their ice cream.

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