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‘I’m kinda sorta married’ – married guy caught on camera hitting on woman at the gym

Why do some men think a gym is a pick-up spot for single people?

When a woman goes to the gym, the last thing she needs is to be hit on by a man, especially a married man.

This guy was caught on film trying to chat up a woman working out in the gym.

She shared the awkward moment on TikTok which has since been re-shared on the It’s Gone Viral TikTok account.

In the video, you see her on the leg press machine, conversing with a man off-camera.

The video, with the voice caption, “I caught the moment I got hit on by a married man in the gym,” exposes the married man.

He starts off by saying: “Silly question but I’m just curious. I know you don’t like coffee and I know you eat cereal in the evening. And I know you have a son right? I know you’re in your early thirties. That’s what I’ve learnt so far.”

If I were the woman, I would end the conversation right there. Stalker alert!

However, she didn’t. Here’s how it continued:

He tells her he thinks she’s really cool but adds that he’s “kind of sort of married”.

“Well not kinda sorta, I am,” he then confesses.

However, he persists and continues to flirt with her, saying: “I don’t know, There’s something about you that’s really cool.”

Then he asks her if she would “casually” have pizza with him sometime.

Eventually, she hits him with the “I’m pretty sure your wife would not approve of that” line.

She continues to tell him off and correctly puts him in his place by telling him: “Don’t make us lose faith in men and humanity, right. It makes us scared as women to like ever want to get married. We don’t know if our husbands are out at the gym doing that (what he’s doing).”

She does, however, commend him for at least being honest.

As if things could’t get any worse, he then brings his wife into the conversation.

“I mean, probably the best scenario is, and I’m not saying this would even happen, but like, seriously, if you knew my wife and we’re all friends that’s different. And you actually like her.”

He adds that she will probably meet her sometime at the gym.

“When we’re here and I see you, and I’ll introduce you.”

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