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Food blogger shares success story on how her work husband became her husband in real life

If you’re wondering on whether or not to give that budding office romance a chance than this story might just be the sign you needed.

London-based food blogger and travel content creator, Preeta also Preeta’s Plate, has taken to social media to share her happily ever after and how she met her prince charming.

In a post on Twitter, Preeta shared pictures of her dreamy destination wedding in Cyprus captioned, “From work husband to real husband ❤️”. The pictures were quoted on her previous tweet from 2020 which read, “My work husband became my real boyfriend” and after 8 years of the pair having met, they made things official as Mr & Mrs.

In the pictures, the blushing bride wore two dresses, one for a traditional Indian ceremony and another for a white wedding, looking drop dead gorgeous in both dresses.

Some Twitter users were confused as to what a ‘work husband’ actually is and Preeta wasted no time in setting the record straight.

“Many people seem to be confused about what a ‘work husband’ is 😂. It is just someone in the office that you form a close relationship with. It has nothing to do with cheating. For clarity, we were both single when we met & started dating!” said Preeta.

A Twitter user, Soph or @assassinsoph, asked: “Where were both of you working and what roles did you do? How did your relationship grow whilst you were working and what made you realise oh I think I really fancy him? Sorry I just love hearing about how couples met! Congratulations!!!”

And the blogger responded: “Thank you! We were interns doing a 1-year work placement as part of our degrees during 3rd year of university. We naturally became good friends, then started dating in the final month of our placement! Our wedding was our 8-year anniversary 😊”

So for those still looking for love, don’t close the door on office romance because you’ll never know if cupid is on your side and makes things happen.


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