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SA’s rising social media food influencer Mmule Setati launches new cookbook inspired by her ‘tribe’

Mmule Setati has released a new cookbook, “Feed My Tribe”.

The Joburg-based mother of two young boys, is a dynamic and natural entrepreneur who runs her own business. Cooking has always been her love language.

From an early age, Setati was aware of her “tribe” – her parents, grandparents, and siblings. And as time passed her tribe grew to include friends and extended family; for example, those she loved, was intensely proud of, and wanted to nurture.

Mmule Setati. Picture: Supplied

“This love was sparked by my mother and grandmother, who taught me that cooking and food is a wonderful bridge to healing. I believe that our relationship with food is intertwined with mental well-being, a philosophy that lives through my everyday life as well as my sense of adventure, travelling to immerse myself in other cultures and food.”

“I developed a passion for food and used it as the clearest way to demonstrate the love I felt for my tribe. This set a pattern for my life and led me on a journey of endless adventure.

“Now as a wife, mother, and rising social media tour de force, my tribe is impressive, and I still express my love via my kitchen and the meals that emerge from it,” Setati said.

Mmule Setati. Picture: Supplied

She said the cookbook is for everyone who is looking for something healthy and nutritious on a week-night, but quick to prepare, a child-friendly version of a popular dish, or perhaps something to spoil your significant other on a date night, without having to spend half the date in the kitchen.

Setati said even if you are a beginner, with her tips and advice, she will make you feel like an experienced chef in your own kitchen.


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