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Woman asks for refund from wedding photographer after divorce, says ‘don’t need those pictures anymore’

marry (Stock photo) ( Image: Getty Images)
marry (Stock photo) ( Image: Getty Images)

In an uncommon incident, which has gone viral on social media, a South African woman asked for a refund from her wedding photographer as she got divorced.

According to the screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation, shared on Twitter by photographer Lance Romeo, the woman contacted him after he covered her wedding to her ex-husband in Durban back in 2019.

As the couple got divorced four years later, the woman told Romeo that both she and her ex-husband ‘don’t need those pictures anymore’ and said ‘ I will need a refund of the amount we paid you’. Visibly taken aback by the request, Romeo did ask the woman if she was joking. To which, she replied, “No dear, I’m very serious”.

Replying to the woman’s peculiar request, Romeo replied saying that he was sorry to hear about their divorce but refused to go ahead with the refund. The photographer emphasised, “Photography is a non-refundable service” and that “I can’t refund you because I can’t untake the pictures”.

Earlier this month, Romeo posted the screenshot on social media and since then, it has spread across social media platforms like wildfire. Thousands of people liked the post and hundreds of others responded hilariously to the entire incident. Romeo shared the snapshot saying “I swear my life is a movie…you can’t make this stuff up”.

In an update that followed the first screenshot, it appeared that the woman did not budge from her request and instead decided to involve her lawyers to receive at least 70 per cent of the amount she paid to him, as a refund. While the woman also requested Romeo to meet in person, he refused and asked her lawyers to contact him instead.

The photographer was actually contacted by the woman’s ex-partner, who expressed regret on her behalf, saying he had read the articles and that he is apologetic on her behalf.


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