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WATCH: Have trouble sleeping? This viral mocktail is the ‘perfect cure’ for insomnia

Tried everything under the sun to fall asleep to no avail? We get it. If you’ve invested in a weighted blanket without success, and attempted every breathing technique on Google in your quest for a good night’s rest, there could be a much simpler solution.

As always, the girls over on TikTok think they have the answer to helping them fall asleep in the form of a mocktail drink they’re dubbing the “sleepy girl mocktail.” The sleepy girl mocktail is going viral on the social media platform after wellness influencer Gracie Norton tried it and claimed the drink gave her “the best sleep of her life.”

What is it?

Sleepy girl mocktail is made with just three ingredients – tart cherry juice, magnesium, and soda. To make it, you fill a glass of your choosing with ice. Next, pour in half a cup of cherry juice. Add one tablespoon of magnesium powder to the liquid and stir well. Then top it off with your favourite lemon-lime flavoured beverage.

@gracie_norton OUT LIKE A LIGHT mocktail 😮‍💨💤🍒 tart cherry juice + magnesium is the perfect combo for a full night of sleep! I had really vivid dreams too! I take magnesium every evening but tend to toss & turn during the night at the end of my luteal phase. thanks for the inspo @caleeshea 💫#easyrecipe #mocktails #mocktailrecipe #healthyrecipes #sleep #bettersleep ♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Tart cherry juice, being the main ingredient, is known to offer lots of health benefits, including promoting sleep. We dug further and found out tart cherry juice contains melatonin, a natural sleep hormone. When additional melatonin is introduced, studies show it combines with the melatonin already in our body to help us fall asleep faster.

As for magnesium, researchers hypothesise that it may relax the central nervous system and help you feel sleepier.

Does the ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ actually work? According to the comments, the jury is still out. Many commenters question whether consuming that much liquid right before bed is a good idea.

“I’d be up 15 times to the bathroom,” one person wrote.

Some pointed out they get better sleep just by drinking cherry juice alone or by taking it in pill form, with no magnesium.


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