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From vada pav to chicken tikka, do you know the latest Indian dish to become mainstream?

Indian dishes are vastly diverse, and not to mention delicious because of the variety of flavours and regions. Indian cuisine is continually put on foodie lists all over the world.

Although Indian food is popular, only a few dishes have become mainstream in recent times. A Twitter thread prompted people to think about the last Indian dish that became mainstream. It also lists certain dishes that have now become mainstream.

Twitter user @GabbbarSingh took to the social network platform and wrote: “What’s the last dish invented in India which has become mainstream? A product market fit as they call it.

“Vada Pao – created in 1960s in Mumbai for the cotton mill workers. Quick snack, lots of carbs, the pao keeps you from staining your fingers with oil. Anything else?”

In the now-viral tweet, users commented and shared examples of Indian dishes that have become mainstream, which led to further discussion on the topic.

One user wrote: “Chicken Manchurian – created in the mid-70s by Nelson Wang at CCI, Mumbai. Pav bhaji – created for the foodie, well-heeled stock traders around Dalal Street. Gudbad – sundae created by Udupi restaurants. Kathi rolls – a meal in a wrap. Not sure when it was created or where? Kolkata?” To which @GabbbarSingh responded: “Great list.”

A second user wrote: “Tandoori Chicken. The dish is attributed to Kundan Lal Gujral, a Hindu from Punjab state who fled newly formed Pakistan after the 1947 partition of India and opened a restaurant in Delhi.”

Another person wrote: “Chicken tikka masala. Nothing is more mainstream than that.”

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