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King Charles will abdicate throne and pass crown to Prince William, predicts celebrity psychic

With King Charles’s coronation just a month away, many are speculating whether the new leader of the British royal family is up to the task.

Just a few weeks ago, his planned trip to France was cancelled amid pension strikes and protests.

Left-wing political figure Olivier Besancenot told French media: “We are going to welcome (Charles) with a good old general strike,” echoing the sentiment of anti-British monarchy protests across England.

In December last year, King Charles dodged being hit with eggs that were hurled at him during a tour of York.

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According to Bang Showbiz, there had been about 20 protesters among hundreds of well-wishers as he arrived at the city’s Church of Christ the Cornerstone, and videos of the arrival showed him waving directly in front of several placards bearing the “Not my King” message in red capital letters.

And then there’s the issue of artists reportedly refusing to perform at the coronation and US President Joe Biden declining his invitation.

It’s all just a bit too much, even for an old man with a stiff upper lip.

To add fuel to the flames, celebrity psychic Jasmine Rose Anderson predicted that Charles would abdicate before his coronation ceremony in May.

“I feel anything from a few months – 18 months, but as time goes on the more I feel that he will abdicate before a coronation. This is a possibility,” she told Daily Star.

Anderson added that Prince William would take over the crown: “William will have much more success as king than Charles. I feel Harry and William could be coming together here and ending their strife.”

But, wait, there’s more…

Anderson also predicted that Prince Harry will be on the throne by 2030 after a “major financial crisis”.

She told the publication that there are going to be huge changes for the UK “as a society as a whole” with the possibility of the crown going to Harry “in the next eight years.”


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