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Mpho Wa Badimo says she's receiving death threats after her breakup with Themba

Former Big Brother Mzansi winner Mpho Wa Badimo Mvundla fears for her life following her break-up with Themba Mabaso.

The mother of one, who is currently expecting her second child with Mabaso, released a statement, saying she’s been receiving death threats from people close to Mabaso.

“I have been receiving threats from calls, to texts threatening my life and my son’s life till today, those threats have been direct, and it has created a very hostile situation for me and those close to me. I’ve been receiving pictures of my car, home and son with threats. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people close to the person I was in a relationship with.”

Mvundla is currently seeking legal advice and has taken a break from doing media interviews and says she doesn’t appreciate Mabaso posting her pictures because it paints an image that they’re still together, whereas they broke up a long time ago.

Read the full statement below

The pair that met at the Big Brother house started dating shortly after season 3 ended. Mvundla came first while Mabaso, who had his eyes on the grand prize of R2 million, took the second-runner-up spot.

When their relationship got sour, Mvundla’s fans started speculating about Mabaso being after her money. And seeing how he’s treating her when she’s pregnant with his third child, it seems like he never really loved her.

Mabaso is the same person who stood Mvundla up on her son’s birthday party at school.

@lesegomooketsi Themba overslept on the day he was supposed to go with Mpho to Zweli’s crèche 🙆![CDATA[]]>🏽‍♀️ #thembamyinkedworld #mphowabadimo #thembabroly #thembaghost 💯❤💫” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/mphowabadimo%F0%9F%A5%B3%F0%9F%92%AF%E2%9D%A4%F0%9F%92%AB?refer=embed”>#mphowabadimo🥳![CDATA[]]>💯❤💫 ♬ original sound – Les🌸

And to top it all, he also stood her up for a magazine photoshoot and lied about flying down to Cape Town, where the shoot was taking place, and later switching off his phone.

@lesegomooketsi It boggles me go re why did Themba agree to do the cover shoot with Mpho only to disappoint her. What was he doing at the airport anyway? 🤷![CDATA[]]>🏽‍♀️ #thembamyinkedworld #mphowabadimo #thembabroly #thembamabaso #karabomabaso #ghostnation ♬ original sound – Les🌸

His actions are starting to catch up with him because some of his fans are turning against him because of how he treats the woman he has children with.

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