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WATCH: Soda topped with cheese is another bizarre food combo that we think should stop

Social media is filled with videos of people experimenting with food and beverages.

One such video has again gone viral in which you can see a person preparing a cheese soda blast drink.

A video shared on Instagram by foodie_addicted_ shows a shop vendor from Gujarat’s Surat making a beverage called cheese blast soda.

The video begins by showing a person adding ice and peanuts to a glass. Then they fill it with pineapple and blueberry sodas of different colours. Finally, they top it with cheese.

“First time in Surat Cheese Blast Soda. Have you ever courage for one sip of cheese blast soda? A crushed Ice loaded with Peanuts then two different layer of soda like Pineapple and Blueberry topped with Cheese over them for this Summer Special Drink”, read the caption of the post.

The reel has received more than 11 000 likes so far, but people are far from convinced by what the blogger is calling a “Summer Special Drink.” While some are downright horrified, others are cracking sarcastic jokes about this bizarre soda drink.

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A post shared by Mayur Surti (@foodie_addicted_)

An individual in the post’s comments section said, “Surat should be banned from trying new things in food.”

Another person wrote: “This should be illegal.”

A third exclaimed, “Shut down the shop!”

Earlier this week, a video showing pictures of crispy fried chicken from Hungry Lion being re-cooked into a stew went viral and received a similar response from people. Posted by @zito142 on Twitter with the caption: “She cooked (crying face emojis) ama pieces @Fikz_the_Cook”, the pictures show three pieces of crispy chicken put in a pot of hot gravy made with onion, tomato, and green, yellow, and red pepper.

While it is not clear who made the bizarre dish, the picture is now being circulated on several social media platforms.

All we can hope for at this moment is for the horrifying soda, nuts, and cheese combo to not reach TikTok foodies.


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