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Guy breaks up with his girlfriend for ‘being her dirty secret’

Usually, when you’re in love you want to show it to the world.

Whether it be through public displays of affection or constantly sharing all your special moments on social media, you proudly show off your significant other.

Having said that, there are couples who prefer to keep their relationships private, and there’s something quite special about that as well.

While they might keep their relationship off social media, it doesn’t mean that they stay home all day and never go out on romantic dates.

When you’re with someone and love them, you should be happy and proud to be at their side when you’re out together.

This, however, seems to be different in this relationship.

An unhappy man has taken to Reddit to share that he suspects his girlfriend is embarrassed to be out with him alone and has decided to end their relationship because of that.

“After two years I chose to end things with my girlfriend as it’s got to the point where I feel like she’s embarrassed to do anything with me one to one or being her dirty secret,” shares the boyfriend.

He adds that she always wants to see him if it’s with their mutual friends group but not as a couple.

“I’ve always made plans to see each other on our own or do things as the two of us but it’s always a no or an excuse to not do it (unless it’s behind closed doors) which made me very suspicious.”

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After asking her one more time to go on a date night and being once again rejected because it wasn’t within their friendship circle, he decided to end things with her.

“I’m not being your dirty secret as I’m tired of being treated as one,” he told her after she rejected him.

What he now wants to know in the AITA group is whether it is a case of using instinct or self-sabotaging?


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