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What the pug? Passengers interrogated on lost dog on flight

In another case of strange things that happen on flights, a social media user has taken to Twitter to share her flight experience after a pug was found on board.

According to Laura Peek, a stand-up comedian from Nashville and @laurapeek on Twitter, she woke up from her nap on a flight to the flight attendant holding a pug and grilling passengers on who it belonged to.

The Twitter user said that the flight attendant “was walking down the aisle holding a pug” and questioning the passengers on who the owner of the pug was.

“And for three hours we all just took turns holding the mystery pug until a verrrry stoned man in the last row woke up and was like ‘Roscoe?!’”

As if this experience isn’t strange enough, other Twitter users opened up on their experiences on flying and having pets on board.

A Twitter user, Krista Steele, commented: “I was flying to Alaska and as I boarded the plane there was a HUGE dog sitting in the front row middle seat. I was like “Holy Moly” to the flight attendants and they told me it was a well-trained cadaver dog on its way to a mission in Alaska.“

Another user, Bruce Arthurs, added more humour to the incident by asking: “Was he flying business class?”

A flight attendant, @swedegirl67, also shared their experience of having fury pals on board: “I’m a flight attendant for AA, formerly America West. One night on the red-eye from Vegas to Columbus a cat darted out from a row and I walked thru the cabin going, ‘is this your cat’ to everyone. It belonged to a man who had been lying down sleeping with his cat.”

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