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WATCH: Woman makes a necklace using her fallopian tubes

When I was at school I knew a girl who carried her appendix around with her in a little plastic jar.

I found that rather odd and it kind of grossed me out a bit.

I mean, why would you want to walk around with a body part that has been removed from inside your body?

Surely we are not meant to have our insides on display.

This TikTok user went a step further, after having her fallopian tubes removed she decided to keep them and has now turned them into jewellery.

When Savannah Blouin posted a video on TikTok showing off her necklace made with her fallopian tubes, it instantly went viral and left users with many questions.

She preserved the tubes in resin to create pendants.

The video captioned, “she never liked baby dolls anyway” has received over three million views and 450,000 likes since being posted it in September.

@savblouin #greenscreen ♬ Originalton – 1905🦁

Wanting to know more about the jewellery piece, users asked for a closer look.

She posted a second video which provides a more detailed look into the process and the final product.

@savblouin Replying to @a_lil_tachy ♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

The video shows a series of images in which you can clearly see the removed fallopian tubes in a plastic jar, then it is placed into two metal rings and filled with resin to create the pendants.

“I had my fallopian tubes [removed] because I’ve always known that I never want to have children,” she told Needtoknow.online.

According to New York Post Blouin is a 22-year-old vegan restaurant waitress.

“Although it wasn’t the original intent, I feel very empowered while wearing the necklace,” she said.


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