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WATCH: Shock as woman reveals cake she ordered vs what she got

A South African woman identified as @glammedupbymimi took to TikTok to show what she got after she ordered a particular cake from a baker.

In the post she shared, the original cake looked elegant and well-baked and was for a 21st birthday celebration.

It was decorated with macarons and beautiful black flowers, while the order she received was an ugly replica that did not look anything close to what she ordered.

Her post read: “I have not healed (crying emoji).”

@glammedupbymimi I have not healed😭 #fyp #viral #nah #whatiorderedversuswhatigot ♬ son original – moustaphasow10

The post generated hilarious remarks from South Africans as some of them could not believe that the baker thought she recreated the design.

One user wrote: “When my customers tell me they got a cheaper quote from someone else.”

A second user wrote: “At least they got the colour right.”

A third commented: “I am not okay on your behalf. (crying emoji). I hope you did not pay.”

If you need inspiration on how to decorate your own cakes at home as a beginner this festive season, below are a few tips courtesy of South Africa’s buttercream goddess and skilled cake crafter, Grace Stevens.

Have fun

There is no rulebook when it comes to cake decorating and the possibilities are endless. Roll up your sleeves, get creative and have fun with your creations, and don’t mind the mess.

Be patient

A lot of cake decorating requires practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you get things wrong. Give yourself plenty of time for mishaps, keep positive and remain patient. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Keep your guests in mind

The perfect sweet treat for a happy gathering, a cake is a great way of bringing joy to others. Remember the type of guest that you are catering to when you begin decorating. If you’re baking for a children’s party, you can probably go to town on creativity and be a little more carefree, while a high-end formal wedding reception will require a cake executed with greater restraint, precision and sheer perfection.

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