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Watch: Baby eats funnel cake for first time, breaks into little dance

There is rarely anything that brings one more joy than a good dessert. A small video that captures a baby’s reaction to eating a funnel cake perfectly captures this sentiment.

The undated video, which is being widely circulated online, shows a baby sitting in a stroller as a man feeds her some funnel cake. In a moment, the child is seen breaking into a surprised smile and doing a delightful dance after the first bite of the dessert. The woman recording the video can be heard laughing at the child’s wholesome reaction.

This 36-second video was originally posted on TikTok by a user who goes by the handle @daniellelawson2. Soon it began circulating across social media platforms through different accounts.

On Twitter, it was reproduced by a popular Twitter page Hood Comedy (@HoodComedyEnt) on June 21, 2022. In less than a day, the video got 1.2 million views and over 96,000 likes.

Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “😂🤣😂 That’s how I feel about funnel cake & other sweets too!!😂🤣😂 Too cute!!!”. Another person remarked, “This brought me so much joy!❤”.

Earlier in January 2020, a video of a nine-month-old girl trying ice cream for the first time went viral. In the video, the toddler is first seen surprised by the ice cream’s coldness but then she grabs it with both her hands and devours the treat.


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