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Summer skincare: Simple ways to remove sun tan

Tanning becomes extremely common during the summer season. But, have you ever wondered why the skin tans?

“It is a protective mechanism where skin makes melanin to reduce the amount of damage due to sun exposure. If we didn’t tan, we would burn. So tanning is actually protecting our skin from premature ageing,” Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth explained in an Instagram post.

However, tanning can be hard to remove, and many complain of trouble getting rid of tan on their face and body. According to the dermatologist, how long the tan stay depends on multiple factors — how dark the tan was and one’s daily sun exposure.

“Let’s say after a vacation, if you are primarily indoors, the tan will come off in 6-8 weeks. It takes longer for body tan to come off as it is usually darker than the face,” she added.

How to remove tan?

To remove it effectively, follow these tips, as shared by Dr Panth.

*Stay away from the sun. Wear protective clothing and try to cover yourself when outdoors. “Over time, the darker skin will shed and newer skin will look lighter,” she said.

*If you continue sun exposure, you will continue to tan. Whatever creams you use will not be effective if you do not wear sunscreen. Therefore, wearing sunscreen is a must.

*”Use creams which contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, grande emit acid or liquorice extract . This will help in lightening tan faster,” she suggested.

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