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This is the content we signed up for: Mzansi cracks up at video of mom scooping Vaseline off baby’s head

They say that silence is golden, but that rule does not apply when you have a child in the house.

A local woman has entertained the internet after posting a video of herself removing Vaseline from her child’s head.

It seems like the mother was away from the child and found him busy with the product, which was already smeared on his head.

Many South Africans found the video so funny and parents related to the ordeal and continued to share their own experiences when they caught their kids in the act.

The child can be seen sitting on top of a bed and the mother plays the Baby Shark song and the boy is innocently and really not bothered as his mom is busy trying to scoop the Vaseline from the child’s head.

Here is what other people had to say:

One TikTok user feels there are special ingredients in the Vaseline that attract kids: “I think it’s time we contact Unilever and ask what is that they put in Vaseline.”

While another said she knew what the mother was going through very well. “My daughter once did this. She then moved to mixing salt and flour”

Other one said If children are quiet, then you should be worried. “Panic when it’s been a half a second these people (kids) are out of sight. I normally smell first to check if the house is not on fire.”

Watch the video below:


♬ Baby Shark – Pinkfong


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