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Shop for your baby’s arrival with great deals from Loot

Shopping for the perfect baby arrival registry doesn’t have to be overwhelming, keep the excitement out of welcoming a new addition to the family with these perfect items for mom and baby from Loot.

Baby’s comfort

Don’t compromise on your baby’s comfort, shop at Loot for the fluffiest snuggletime items. The Snuggletime nurture pillow is a great assist for your baby’s tummy time and sitting support. It also comes with a removable cover and moulds easily into body shape. For a soft bath time, the Snuggletime bath gift set is an all-in-one option that provides soft and absorbent towels and washcloths ideal for drying and wrapping your newborn.

Mom’s comfort

Your comfort is as important as your newborn’s. Shop the Carriwell adjustable belly binder from Loot for your stomach’s comfort after a long pregnancy. It’s fully made of cotton for extra comfort and is the best option for abdominal support including post c-section abdominal comfort. Your soft and sensitive breast deserves a natural soothing therapy technique. The Carriwell breast soother reduces swelling and soothes painful breasts using natural warming and cooling therapy.

Tech savvy parenting

Too tired to wake up every 3 minutes to check on your little one? Loot has the kodak smart video monitor for you and your baby’s convenience. The device can be connected to your smart phone and comes with a two way talk feature that allows you to listen and respond to your baby with the soft sound of your voice. For a quick and efficient feeding routine, the Medela electric breast pump is a go-to portable device. The technology mimics babies’ sucking for a much more natural experience.

Hospital stay

Loot offers an affordable Carriwell hospital readiness pack for new moms to ease their anxiety as they get ready for the maternity ward. The pack comes with maternity panties, linen savers and ultra absorbent maternity pads to help you manage after birth bleeding hygienically. Packing for your new born’s first trip from the hospital to their home can be made just as easy and stylish with the Joanie leather diaper bag and a 4akid backpack baby bag from Loot.

Become the most well-rested newborn mom with these great baby registry picks from Loot.


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