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Effective DIY remedies to remove sun tan naturally

Excessive sun exposure can cause tanning, leading to skin darkening. While many people love to get the tan effect, it must be known that tan is easy to get but hard to remove. As such, people try various remedies to remove tan, and some even get their skin bleached despite it being an unsafe practise, said Pooja Nagdev, aromatherapist, cosmetologist, and founder of Inatur.

“Fortunately, you can remove the tan with ingredients that can be easily found at home. Here are some DIY remedies to remove tan naturally, easily and safely at home,” she said as she listed down the remedies.

Orange and honey

Oranges are great for your skin! (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


Turmeric powder
Orange peel powder


*Mix the ingredients well to make a paste and apply it evenly on the skin. Let it stay for five to 10 minutes and rinse off.
*”Orange has hesperidin in it, a compound that is proven to reduce skin pigmentation. Turmeric powder, in itself, is a powerhouse of antioxidants that will give you healthier and better-looking skin,” said Nagdev.

Aloe vera gel and cucumber


Aloe vera gel


*Blend cucumbers to make a paste. To this, add honey and aloe vera gel. Mix well.
*Apply all over or to the tanned area.

“Aloe vera gel and honey are known to reduce pigmentation effectively. Keep the mixture on for 20 minutes to get perfect results,” said Nagdev.

Potato and lemon juice

how to store onion and potato together, onion and potato store together, onion potato Alexander Chee, American fiction writer, poet, journalist Potato can help you reduce tan (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


Lemon juice
Potato juice


*Dice some potatoes and extract the pulp. Add lemon juice to it.

“Potato contains phytochemicals that help in getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface. However, lemon juice can cause irritation when applied on the skin for some. Hence, before applying the blend, make sure to do a patch test,” said Nagdev.

Milk and saffron


Milk (Half cup)
Few saffron strands


*Soak the saffron strands in milk for at least two hours. Strain and apply the milk. Rinse it after 15-20 minutes.
*To get effective results, use this once or twice a week.

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