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NLC has the vision to move Ghana forward — Stephen Atubiga 

By Christopher Arko  

Accra, July 10 GNA – Mr Stephen Atubiga, Founder and Leader of the National Liberation Congress (NLC) has stated that the NLC has the vision to move the country forward when given the opportunity to lead.  
He said that as part of the vision, the NLC intends to establish new banks to guarantee funding for every sector of the economy and to revamp all structures in the country. 

 “An NLC government would run Ghana like a business entity and not as a soul-proprietorship business that all previous governments have been doing,” he said. 

Mr Atubiga made the assertion when he addressed a press conference in Accra to highlight the NLC’s vision of giving hope to all citizens, especially providing jobs for the youth in the country. 

He emphasized that the NLC would establish such banks in collaboration with nationals and foreigners in the country with the express purpose of financing all sectors of the economy. 

“This means, all ministries will have banks funding all projects or the commercial section of all government ministries, in partnership with the citizens” he said. 

Mr Atubiga explained that after establishing the banks, the NLC government would cancel all government budgetary allocations to the ministries to enable them to run like a business entity, except for the Education Ministry and security services, which would get budgetary support. 

He said the finance ministry would issue letters of credit to all sector ministries to support all projects under any ministry in conjunction with citizens to enable commercial projects at all ministries to secure funding from all banks in each sector of the ministries. 

Mr Atubiga said that a government contractor or any ministry working jointly with a citizen, together with the sector minister, shall go to parliament to get approval of the letter of credit granted by the finance ministry for any government projects awarded. 

“This move gives confidence to all private owned banks both local and international the comfort to fund all projects under each sector of our economy” he said. 

Mr Atubiga further indicated that an NLC government will combat corruption by providing sufficient funding and autonomy to anti-graft authorities such as the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), among others. 

He said that the NLC would also provide affordable and accessible legal aid to vulnerable groups and ensure an independent judiciary by strengthening the institution to prevent political interference and bias. 


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