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Kenyan Forces Reclaim Haiti’s Largest Hospital from Gangs

Godfrey Otunge, the commander of the Kenyan police contingent on the peacekeeping mission in Haiti, emphasized the urgency and necessity of their efforts to combat the powerful gangs wreaking havoc in the country.

In his first public address since the Kenyan force arrived in Haiti, Otunge underscored the critical nature of their mission, highlighting that there is “no room for failure” in overcoming the challenges posed by the gangs.

Otunge stressed that the United Nations-backed police mission is committed to creating security conditions conducive to holding free and fair democratic elections in the Caribbean nation.

During the press briefing, he affirmed the Kenyan force’s determination to fulfill their mandate and bring peace to Haiti, despite the challenging task ahead.

“We have a job that we are committed to do,” said Commander Godfrey Otunge.

Despite the obstacles, Otunge expressed optimism about the mission’s success, noting that by working closely with the Haitian National Police and other stakeholders, the Kenyan contingent can significantly contribute to restoring peace and security in Haiti.

“We intend to achieve this by working closely with Haitian authorities and local and international partners dedicated to a new Haiti,” he added.

During the press briefing on Monday, July 8, Haitian police chief Normil Rameau revealed that the Kenyan police had retaken control of the country’s largest public hospital, which gangs had occupied for over four months.

He said the operation took place on the night of Sunday, July 7, successfully reclaiming the Hospital of the State University of Haiti, also known as the General Hospital.

Additionally, Rameau noted that the U.N.-backed mission would focus on reclaiming all areas from gang control, reinstating police presence in regions lacking authority, and assisting Haitians displaced by the gangs in returning home.

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