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My rise to fame is divine not ‘juju’ – Bukum Banku –

Former Ghanaian boxer Braimah Kamoko, known as Bukom Banku, shared insights into his lifestyle choices, highlighting his abstinence from smoking and alcohol due to his Muslim faith.

In an interview on Showbiz 360 with Giovani Caleb, the 46-year-old comedian recounted his past behavior of confronting those who disrespected him in his Bukom community but mentioned he has since reformed.

Banku credited his success to divine intervention, firmly stating he has never relied on spiritual practices like ‘juju’ to advance his career.

He refuted any claims of having received such support, cautioning against the negative repercussions it could have on one’s family.

Additionally, he advised his son to remain focused on his career and avoid distractions from relationships.

“In my life, I have never smoked or drink alcohol because I am Muslim.

“Nobody can do ‘juju’ for me in this nation. Who says he’s done juju for me to support my career? Never in my life.

“It’s God…If you go for Juju and you die your children will face the consequences and it will affect their future. Anybody who claims to have given me juju should come out and say it. My superstar is real,” he stated.


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