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Governor Sakaja: Tenants to Pay Rent Directly to County for Unpaid Land Rates

The Nairobi County government has begun recovering unpaid land rates.

Governor Sakaja Johnson chaired a County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting on Tuesday, authorizing caveats on all debt properties to block any transactions, including subdivision, amalgamation, and transfer.

The cabinet decided that tenants of properties with pending land rates must pay rent directly to the county government until the outstanding rates are settled.

The committee also approved auctioning properties that owe land rates to the county.

Sakaja called for an efficient recovery process managed by internal lawyers to minimize legal fees.

“The recovery process should be as efficient as possible and handled by county internal lawyers to avoid incurring huge legal fees, which are usually based on the land’s value in dispute,” Sakaja stated.

The Nairobi county boss further directed all CEC members and chief officers to provide vehicles and all necessary resources for revenue enhancement.

This directive follows the expiration of a waiver period for penalties and interest on land rates, which was contingent on the payment of the principal amount.

Meanwhile, Sakaja praised the county revenue team for surpassing the previous revenue record.

“As of today, Nairobi has raised Kes 3,255,969,569 in land rates against a target of Kes. 7 billion, with two weeks remaining in the financial year.”

“Total revenue stands at Kes 12,262,100,000, the highest ever collected by any county government since the advent of devolution. The previous record of Kes. 12.1 billion was set in the financial year 2015/2016,” he said.

He also instructed the environmental sector to start beautifying Langata Cemetery.

“Many people have sentimental feelings towards Langata Cemetery as almost everyone knows someone buried there. The ‘green army’ should use the resources at their disposal and the plans at the City Park tree nursery to beautify the cemetery,” he said.

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