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Jowie Irungu’s Father’s Final Wish and Visions Before Passing

The family of the late Julius Mwangi Irungu, father to murder convict Jowie Irungu, has recounted their final moments and days with him before he passed away from cancer.

Jane Irungu, Jowie’s sister, shared her last interaction with their father, noting that he frequently wept over his son’s conviction and wished to see him released from prison.

Jane disclosed that Julius expressed a desire to visit Jowie in prison, a wish that remained unfulfilled as his health declined.

She added that on his deathbed, Julius spoke of having visions of Jowie’s eventual release.

“He told us he had seen media reports about his son’s release. He insisted on being taken to the prison, and we had arranged the visit before his condition deteriorated and he later passed away,” Jane narrated.

Mwangi Irungu passed away on Saturday, June 2024 at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital Annex after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Irungu’s wife, Annastacia Thaama, confirmed that Julius Irungu succumbed to cancer at the age of 64. However, the specific type of cancer was not disclosed.

“We lost him yesterday and are still grappling with his death. We were en route to Nairobi for treatment when his condition suddenly worsened, forcing us to rush him to Nakuru Level Five Annex Hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away at the facility before we could transfer him to Nairobi,” Thaama said.

In a previous interview with a local publication at his home in Lanet, Nakuru County, Irungu expressed the family’s anguish and sentiments regarding their son’s trial and conviction.

He believed strongly that his son had been unjustly tried and that the legal proceedings had been biased against him.

Mwangi believed that someone was manipulating the media to falsely accuse his son of Monica Kimani’s murder, possibly to protect the true perpetrators.

“My son was unfairly tried and convicted. They have made sure that the world is against him and us and now they want to kill him,” Jowie’s father stated as quoted by the Nation.

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