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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

UG lecturer develops AI software to help Ghanaian businesses –

In a groundbreaking move, Ghanaian tech startup BizAi XGospel LTD has launched BizAI.me, an artificial intelligence platform set to democratize entrepreneurship across the nation.

Founded by Dr. George Owusu, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, BizAI.me aims to put advanced business tools in the hands of every Ghanaian, from tech startups in Accra to cocoa farmers in Kumasi.

“Every Ghanaian with a dream deserves a chance to turn it into a thriving business,” says Dr. Owusu. “BizAI.me is that chance. It’s like having a team of expert consultants available 24/7, guiding you through everything from finding market opportunities to managing your finances.”

The platform’s unique feature, Business Ethics AI, integrates biblical principles into business decisions, ensuring that as businesses grow, they also contribute positively to their communities. “In Ghana, faith and business go hand in hand,” Dr. Owusu explains. “Our AI doesn’t just focus on profits but on building businesses that make our nation proud.”

With its potential to boost the SME sector, a key driver of Ghana’s economy, BizAI.me is more than a tech launch; it’s a national asset poised to create jobs, strengthen communities, and position Ghana as a leader in ethical, AI-driven innovation in Africa.

Source: George Owusu, Contributor

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