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Viral video portraying me as mentally unstable ruined my career

Nollywood legend Hanks Anuku has revealed the harmful impact of a viral video falsely depicting him as mentally unstable in both his career and personal life.

The video, which surfaced on the internet in 2022, depicted Anuku speaking to himself and wearing tattered clothes, portraying the character of a mentally unstable person. This raised concerns about his mental state.

Shortly after the video emerged, Nollywood actress Shan George countered the claims, stating that Anuku was not mentally unstable.

In an interview with content creator Lucky Udu, Anuku addressed the issue by explaining that the footage was actually from a movie set.

The Nollywood legend clarified that he was preparing for a movie role that required him to portray a mentally unstable character.

According to him, he was immersing himself in the environment to perfect his performance and he was getting into character for a role where his character was not in the right frame of mind.

Hans Anuku mentioned that he was trying to authentically depict the character as per the director’s vision by meditating and immersing himself in the environment.

Watch the video below


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