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New Party registered by EC mirrors colour, slogan From Alan and Bawumia –

A New political party registered by the Electoral Commission is using colours and slogans similar to Alan Kyeremateng’s Movement and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s slogan. 

Yellow Ghana was founded by one Samuel Apea-Dankwa in October 2020 and received a provisional certificate of registration from the EC to contest the upcoming election on December 7th 2024. 

The party dons colours similar to the Movement for Change by Alan Kyeremateng as members were seen clad in yellow yellow associated with the Butterfly Party of Alan. 

The new Yellow Ghana party has also adopted a slogan from the New Patriotic Party flagbearer Dr. Mahamudu – It is Possible. 

The slogan of the party is “It is time It is Possible”. 

According to its website, it is a dynamic political movement committed to finding lasting solutions for the myriad challenges facing Ghana. 

It says its ambition is to unite the African continent into a seamless, borderless economy and is “currently mobilizing the vibrant and forward-thinking youth of Ghana to form a formidable political party. 

The party intends To contest the forthcoming 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, armed with fresh perspectives and innovative strategies.

Explaining its colour, it says the yellow represents “the core values we hold dear: optimism, hope, youth, and boundless energy. It encapsulates our unwavering belief in a brighter future for Ghana and Africa as a whole. Complementing this is our symbol, a black anchor, signifying stability, strength, and the unyielding endurance required to navigate through challenges.”.


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