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Ghana, Massachusetts Partner To Expand Flight Routes

Left to Right: Ken Asafo-Adjei, Jeevan Ramapriya, Hassan Tampuli and Mathew Hatfield after the meeting


Director of Airline Route Development at Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, Matthew Hatfield, has announced that prospective airlines that will open direct flights on new routes Boston-Accra, Accra-Boston, and Boston-Kumasi Prempeh I International Airport, would benefit from a one-year free landing package provided by the State of Massachusetts.

“For Airlines coming on board to fly these new routes, there will be no charge for landing for the first year but 50% payment of landing fee in the second year.

Such prospective airlines will also be compensated and paid $300,000 for their marketing purposes,” Mr. Hatfield explained.

This came to light during a recent strategic business meeting in Massachusetts between a Ghanaian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Transport, Hassan Tampuli, Massport and aviation authorities in Massachusetts.

Ghana is actively lobbying and advocating for the establishment of new aviation routes connecting Boston to Accra, Accra to Boston, and Kumasi International Airport respectively.

The plan aims to attract airlines to operate these new routes.

By introducing these routes, Ghana seeks to provide more convenient travel options for passengers and boost tourism and business exchanges.

Mr. Tampuli was positively confident about the future based on the outcome of the meeting.

“Today’s meeting is more about facilitating the commencement of Aviation Services between Ghana Accra, Kumasi and Boston in the state of Massachusetts…The meeting went very well with so much outlined and we are very happy about the positive outcomes.

In terms of policy, legal framework, diplomacy or arrangements, we as a government stand in readiness to support this vision to make it happen,” Mr. Tampuli reiterated.

The New England Ghanaian community led by Ken Asafo-Adjei, Ghana’s Consular to Worcester Massachusetts, said the New England region hosts over 68,000 Ghanaians and there is always a big problem for citizens flying to Ghana.

“These discussions we had today come after a successful bilateral business dialogue last year in terms of exploring business and aviation prospects between Ghana and the US,” he said.

“We have made a business case that deserves these new aviation routes Boston-Accra, Accra-Boston and Kumasi due to our growing numbers.

Just as we also joined United, New York, Delta and Washington, we are expecting more and more Ghanaians from other states if these new routes come into operation,” Mr. Asafo-Adjei stated.

Jeevan Ramapriya, Executive Director of Massachusetts Port Authority said, “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were approached to review the traffic situation between Boston and Ghana.

When I met with my counterparts at the Accra Airport during the conference, their understanding was similar to mine where the suggestion was that to pursue such service, it would be best we had the Ghana Airlines revived and come back into the fold where it would be beneficial for them to come to Boston even if it is three times a week.”

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