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“Despicable” Asiedu-Nketiah also wants to be president – Anyidoho claims –

Former NDC Deputy General Secretary, Samuel Anyidoho, has expressed support for Martin Amidu’s criticism towards NDC’s top members, including Chairman Asiedu Nketiah.

Martin Amidu accused Asiedu Nketiah of engaging in numerous illegal activities, including his role on the Parliamentary Service Board.

“Only idiots will cherish the moral values of such a Chairman of the NDC. In any case, Asiedu Nketiah and John Mahama, have you ever heard that as a politically exposed person, I set up a stevedoring company and was assisted by GPHA to milk Ghanaians during the regime of any of the Governments under which I served? Did I publicize the facts about Asiedu Nketiah’s stevedoring business at Tema as the Special Prosecutor before I sent Joshua Hamidu Akamba to warn him about attacking my integrity?” he reportedly said.

In support of Mr Amidu’s allegations, Mr Anyidoho also took to X is write that Asiedu Nketia is praying for John Mahama’s defeat in the elections.

“Ghana seems to have lost its political image to the extent that, this extremely despicable character called Johnson Asiedu-Nketiah is also nursing Presidential ambitions. His prayer is for JM to lose again so he b’cms automatic Leader of NDC & use it to catapult his agenda,”


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