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How coconut and gari influence sperm release – 15-time sperm donor unlocks the secret –

Nana Kofi Amoako, a young Ghanaian man, has shed light on his day-to-day activities as a sperm donor in a candid interview with Kofi TV.

He revealed intriguing details about his job, including the influence of certain foods on semen production, citing “Gari and coconut” as examples.

“Certain foods I consume trigger the production of semen in large quantities. For instance, I’ve noticed that foods like gari and coconut have this effect on me. Additionally, I abstain from sexual activity in the days leading up to the procedure,” Amoako shared.

Amoako, who donates to sperm banks in hospitals, also recounted his encounters with women who prefer the method of “home insemination,” where sexual intercourse is involved.

Discussing the preferences of some clients who appreciate his sexual prowess, Amoako explained, “Some women prefer full intercourse, and often request additional rounds. They appreciate how I handle the process. However, I maintain a professional boundary and do not contact clients after the procedure.

“Prior to any arrangement, I insist on thorough testing for HIV and other diseases. Also, meetings occur in neutral locations, not at the client’s house.”

He recalled an instance where a couple approached him for assistance in impregnating the wife but emphasized that his involvement ended with the procedure.

He even recounted offering assistance with some herbs to preserve the pregnancy.

“I provide recommendations for herbs during the pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and baby,” he added.

While acknowledging the financial aspect of his work, Amoako stressed that his primary motivation lies in fulfilling a profound purpose.

“My main goal in life is to assist those who desire children. Many people discard sperm after intercourse, unaware of its potential to help others. I’d rather donate mine to those in need,” he expressed passionately.

Reflecting on the satisfaction derived from his role, Amoako stated, “It’s not merely about financial gain or excitement; it’s about fulfilling a vital need. Being unable to conceive can be a painful experience, and I aim to alleviate that burden for others.”

Regarding his earnings from the procedure, Amoako disclosed, “A small container of semen typically costs around GH₵2,000 to GH₵3,000.”

Amoako, who is dedicated solely to sperm and blood donation, shared that his efforts have positively impacted numerous households in Ghana.

“I’ve engaged in over 15 sperm donations, including home procedures where clients opt for sexual intercourse,” he revealed, underscoring his commitment to assisting those in need.


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