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Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC launches Learning for Life Program to champion inclusion and diversity –

Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC has launched the Learning for Life program; a business and hospitality skills program designed to empower individuals seeking employment in the hospitality industry.

The launch is in partnership with the Youth Employment Agency, the Ghana Tourism Authority, and the Diageo Bar Academy.

The launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to championing inclusion and diversity within Ghana’s hospitality industry.

Speaking at the launch event, Managing Director,  Felicite Nson, expressed the company’s dedication to contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

With a legacy spanning over 64 years, Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC recognises the responsibility it holds toward the communities it serves, extending beyond the production of beverages to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusivity.

“Championing Inclusion and Diversity is a major part of our operations, and we believe the most inclusive and diverse culture reflects our consumer base and makes for a better business and world.

“Our Learning for Life program aligns with our commitment to attracting and retaining diverse talents while fostering an inclusive culture.”

Learning for Life is Diageo’s business and hospitality skills program designed to empower individuals seeking employment in the hospitality industry, particularly those who may have faced barriers to employment.

By providing equal access to skills and resources, the program aims to enhance employability, improve livelihoods, and support a thriving hospitality sector.

Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC ‘s launch of Learning for Life in Ghana signifies its dedication to advancing the growth and inclusivity of the hospitality industry within the country.

“Our partnership with key government and industry stakeholders underscores our commitment to driving positive change and creating opportunities for members of our society,” Nson emphasised.

Speaking to the media, Sylvia Owusu-Ankomah, Corporate Relations Director of Guinness Ghana revealed the Learning for Life modules include Bar Skills​, Business & Life Skills, Inclusion & Diversity​, Negotiation, Interview and Media Skills which will be delivered to participants with the Diageo Bar Academy.  

As part of its commitment to gender inclusivity, Learning for Life incorporates measures to reduce barriers for women, including flexible training schedules and online options. The program also integrates inclusive recruitment practices, training content, and venue accessibility, further reinforcing its commitment to diversity.

The deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency, Bashiru Ibrahim, speaking on how this partnership feeds into their overall agenda indicated that Guinness Ghana as a private institution, has impacted lives over the past 60 years hence its Learning for Life program is an added advantage to the portfolio of the many things they have in stock for youth development.

According to him, the YEA has the mandate to facilitate and coordinate the employment of the youth of the country, giving skills training, life-changing opportunities, and making the young person stay on the job for a long time.

He lauded Guinness Ghana for the Learning for Life program saying he believes that the over 200 young people who would be trained would acquire skills that can build them for employment not only in Ghana but in any part of Africa as well.

He encouraged Guinness Ghana to roll out more training programs; assuring Guinness Ghana of the YEA’s readiness to partner with them to implement programs to change the lives of young people.

On her part, Harriet Edifor, the Principal Human Resource Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority in her speech said to ensure that Ghana’s Hospitality industry catches up with new challenges and developments taking place on the global plane.

She said the industry has to position itself as a competitive one by carefully curating training programs that seek to imbibe in persons seeking to be employed in the hospitality industry skills to increase their job readiness, noting that the Authority was firm in its belief that this is exactly what Guinness Ghana’s Learning for Life program seeks to realize.

She also stated that, apart from the fact that the Learning for Life program seeks to address youth unemployment challenges in the hospitality industry, the program also directly responds to the peculiar challenges women and differently-abled persons are confronted with in their quest for employment.

The launch event witnessed the participation of esteemed guests from government agencies, industry partners, and community leaders, highlighting the collective effort towards fostering inclusion and diversity within Ghana’s hospitality sector.


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