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Akufo-Addo/Bawumia govt planning to rename Ameri Plant to Kumasi 1 Thermal Plant – Edudzi Tameklo claims

Edudzi Tamakloe

The Director of Legal Directorate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Godwin Edudzi Tameklo, has raised concerns over what he perceives as government’s attempt to rename the Ameri Power Plant as Kumasi 1 Power Plant.

This move, according to Mr Tameklo, is seen as a tactic to mislead the people of the Ashanti Region.

According to him, the Ameri Power Plant, initially procured by former President John Dramani Mahama, was intended to address the country’s enduring power challenges, boasting a capacity to generate 25 megawatts of electricity.

Mr Tameklo asserted that, the renaming of the power plant is a deliberate ploy to deceive Ghanaians, particularly those residing in the Ashanti Region, where the plant is located.

He emphasised that, Mr Mahama’s role in acquiring the power plant as part of efforts to alleviate the country’s power crisis during his tenure.

Taking to Facebook on Saturday, April 13, Mr Tameklo urged vigilance among Ghanaians, urging them not to fall for what he views as a misleading tactic by the current administration.

“Bawumia and Akufo Addo out of shame have decided to repackage and rename the AMERI plants as Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant. This is what they are planning to go and commission.

“This corrupt, incompetent ,useless and wasteful government are determined to hoodwink voters in Ashanti region with the renaming and repackaging. This administration has failed to do anything meaningful in power generation,” he posted.

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