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Youth between 18 and 23 owe NPP a vote of gratitude – NPP man in viral video –

A video of a man who appears to be a youth leader of the ruling New Patriotic Party, telling Ghanaian youth that they have no choice but to vote for the party, has gone viral on social media.

In the said video, the man, who was speaking at a TESCON event, said that the youth of Ghana, especially those who were born from 2001, as a sign of gratitude, must vote for the NPP because they have benefited from governments formed by the party the most.

He made the point that youth who were born from 2001 have had everything free of charge, from their birth to their education, all because of NPP governments.

“This 2024 election is an election of thanksgiving where the youth are going to vote to thank the NPP. After the 2000 election, our former President Kufuor won and assumed office in 2001 and from that time to now has been 23 years.

“Every youth in Ghana from the age 23, 22, 21 downwards owes the NPP a debt of gratitude because you were conceived without any charge; your mother paid nothing during her visits to the hospital (for antenatal services); after delivery, she also didn’t pay anything.”

He added, “You went to primary school free of charge, you didn’t pay anything at the Junior High School level and also went to Senior High School free of charge… so, for you from the time you were conceived, to your birth and your education, everything has been free. And so, if today you are of age and can vote, then you have to vote for the NPP to show your gratitude.”


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