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Reject Unapproved Proposed Fare Hike – Transport Unions Tell Passengers


In a bid to protect the rights of commuters, the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU) and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) have issued a statement urging commuters not to comply with any proposed transportation fare increases that have not received official approval.

This announcement comes as a response to the Transport Operators Union and the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana, who recently declared a 30 percent increase in transport fares, effective April 13, 2024.

In a joint press release, the GPRTU and the GRTCC explained that the decision to raise fares was made due to the alleged failure of the government to address their concerns regarding the industry.
However, they stressed that any fare hike that does not adhere to the guidelines set by the Administrative Instrument governing the review of public transport fares in the country is considered illegal and should be disregarded.

The GPRTU and the GRTCC, as the major bodies representing transport operators in Ghana, play a crucial role in ensuring proper regulations and fair practices within the transportation sector.
It is their responsibility to protect the rights of both commuters and transport service providers.

The aforementioned organizations emphasized that any decision to increase transportation fares must go through the appropriate channels and receive official approval. This ensures that any adjustments in fares are in line with the established guidelines and are fair to both commuters and transport operators.

Transportation fares in Ghana have a significant impact on the livelihoods of the general public, and any sudden increase without proper consultation and approval can unfairly burden citizens already facing financial challenges. Therefore, the GPRTU and the GRTCC are urging commuters to reject any proposed fare hikes that have not received the necessary official approval.

Commuters are encouraged to stay updated through official channels, such as announcements from the appropriate authorities and the GPRTU and GRTCC’s official statements. By adhering to the approved transport fares, commuters can ensure that they are receiving fair treatment and contributing to a transparent and regulated transportation system.

The GPRTU and the GRTCC have also expressed their commitment to continued engagement with the government to address the concerns of transport operators and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.

By Vincent Kubi

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