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Nigerian Celebrity Bobrisky Sentenced to Male Jail For “Spraying” Naira Notes At Film Premiere


In a surprising turn of events, Bobrisky, one of Nigeria’s beloved celebrities and a prominent transgender woman, has been sentenced to six months in jail for “spraying” naira banknotes at a film premiere.

Local media reports suggest that she will not be given the option to pay a fine instead.

The act of throwing money in the air, known as “spraying,” is a traditional sign of appreciation often seen at Nigerian weddings and celebrations.
However, this practice is considered an offense as the banknotes subsequently fall to the ground, where they can be trampled upon.

During the trial, Bobrisky claimed that she was unaware of the ban regarding this activity.
It is worth noting that rights groups have repeatedly highlighted the harassment and discrimination faced by LGBTQ individuals in Nigeria.

Surprisingly, a similar sentence was recently handed down to Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin, a cis-gender, heterosexual actress, for the same offense. Until now, it has been rare for individuals to face prosecution for engaging in the act of spraying money in public.

This development has sparked significant attention and discussion regarding the treatment of LGBTQ individuals in Nigeria, with calls for greater respect and understanding toward the community.
The case highlights the broader issue of discrimination against LGBTQ people, shedding light on the challenges they face within the country’s legal system.

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