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Ghanaian workers among the least productive globally – Prof Adei –

Renowned economist, Professor Stephen Adei has conducted a comparative analysis of the productivity levels of workers from Ghana and Togo.

His research findings indicate that Ghanaian workers are among the least productive globally.

Professor Adei emphasized that Togolese workers exhibit higher work quality compared to their Ghanaian counterparts, as per his research.

He noted that employers often prefer Togolese workers due to their superior productivity levels.

“…The Ghanaian worker is one of the least productive workers in the world when they are in Ghana. In fact, was it ten years ago the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences asked me to give a lecture on productivity in Ghana and I found that in Africa given the same conditions, qualifications and everything else, the Ghanaian worker was among the least productive worker in Africa,” the former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration said.

He added “To me what shocked me in that research was that the Togolese worker was more productive than the Ghanaian which I wanted to see evidence of until I started looking at Togolese workers in construction in Ghana.

“Their productivity is far superior to Ghanaian workers. Masons, electricians, tailors, and often people think they are Ghanaians because they speak Ewe, but they are not Ghanaians. And some of the construction people look for them because of their quality work,” he stated.


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